Sep 15, 2021

The Unique Housing Market Needs of Arizona's Snowbirds

Snowbirds get to enjoy a life of travel and reap the benefits of living in two different climates throughout the year. Because of their lifestyle, many snowbirds have a home in two places, their primary home and their home away from home, which brings with it interesting homeownership challenges. When your home is unoccupied for half of the year, you don’t want to have to worry about an unexpected problem that you’ll only catch months later. Here are some of the unique challenges that snowbird homeowners face and why a spec home in the Arizona market can be an ideal winter getaway.


A New Build Home Needs Less Maintenance


If a snowbird’s primary home is one they’ve lived in for years or decades, then they are more likely to face problems of maintenance while they are away. But no matter if it’s their primary home for the winter or their summer home in Arizona, both houses could face potential problems if they are of an older building year. Every snowbird’s nightmare is having to come home to a house that was shut-in for half the year only to find a problem. Spec homes help circumvent this potential problem by inherently requiring less maintenance. If a snowbird couple moves into a spec home as their home away from home, the home is brand new, and therefore less likely to have a maintenance emergency. Homeowners insurance can help protect your home in the event that there is a burst pipe or something dire, but a spec home provides extra security purely in its newness.


Spec Homes Have a Built In Community


One thing that snowbirds should have is a trusted neighbor or family member that can come check on their home while they are away. Depending on where the home is located or the couple’s personal situation, this may be more difficult than anticipated. They may live in a rural area or have family members scattered across the country. Having a spec home as a second home increases the chances that the couple will have a solid community of people who can come check on their home while they are away. Spec home builders often think of communities in the planning phase of building and they are located in areas that are likely to have similar demographics of individuals. 


At Home or Away, Tech Protects Your Spec Home


Spec homes can also be a great option for snowbirds, because many of them have built in technology and modern features. From smart technology to upgraded appliances, snowbirds can use these to their advantage. From checking the thermostat from your phone to ensuring that the house is securely guarded with an app enabled video doorbell camera, snowbirds don’t have to be physically at their home to know it’s safe. 


Here are the various ways that technology can protect your spec home:


  • Turn lights on/off from your phone with smart bulbs and light switches

  • Phone enabled thermostat control

  • An app enabled video doorbell camera

  • Security alarms and cameras with visual access through a smartphone

  • A smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector

  • A smart water leak detector

  • Auto shut-off cooking appliances


REA Scoop is a desktop and mobile app for realtors and homeowners dedicated to new build and spec homes in Arizona. Realtors can search for available spec homes on the market suitable for their snowbird clients or snowbird homebuyers can find a move-in ready home to escape the cold in. For more information, contact us today or download the app on Google Play or the App Store.


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