Nov 23, 2021

Spec vs. Custom Home: Which Is Right for You?

Here in Arizona, homebuyers have a lot of exciting choices, including the choice between building a custom home or buying a spec home. In fact, if you are already researching homes for sale in Arizona, chances are you've already come across this. The following is a bit more in-depth look at what these terms mean and how to know what type of home purchase is right for you. 


Spec vs. Custom Home:  Determining the Right Purchase for You


Basics of a Custom Home


A custom home is a unique, one-of-a-kind residence that is fully designed and built for the homebuyer. Here, the homebuyer will work with a builder or contracting firm to design the home from the ground up. With a custom home, you can choose everything from the make of your countertops to the number and size of the bedrooms.


Basics of a Spec Home


In contrast, a spec home is a home for which an entire blueprint is already created. Here, the building company has already paid designers and architects for plans reflecting highly cost-effective homes that can be well-suited to specific homebuying customers, such as retiring empty-nesters.


Reasons To Buy a Spec Home


  • You want something that's ready quickly. Spec homes are either in the process of being built, already built, or can be built within a couple of months (generally six at most). So if you are ready to move in on short notice, then spec homes are preferred. Custom homes, in contrast, will take at least six months and may take longer than two years, due to creating a unique but feasible blueprint and needing jurisdictional approvals and the right building materials, etc.


  • You hate navigating red tape. Designing a custom home and dealing with local bureaucracy takes more than just time. Custom homes require a lot of oversight to make sure the build is safe and legal according to local building codes and permits. If you prefer to skip that headache and get right on to buying, then choose the spec home. 


  • You don't want to spend a lot of money. Spec homes have appliances and building materials already chosen and often upgraded, and because builders will often build multiple spec homes at the same time, building costs both in materials and labor tend to be much lower than for a custom home. With a spec home, you get the custom feel through a brand new home with upgraded appliances, without the hefty price.


  • You are looking to resell. If you want a custom forever home or if you have something unique about your family that spec floorplans don't generally accommodate (such as six kids or a fully wheelchair friendly home that includes lowered countertops and light switches,) then choose a custom build. But if you are looking to potentially resell in the future, then you don't really want something super niche as a custom bedroom would allow. With a spec home, you'll be able to resell and be confident in your home's resale value, as it will appeal to a wider audience.


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