Apr 26, 2021

Popular Spec Home Architectural Designs in the Southwest

The Southwest is well known for distinctive architecture and home styles that make the area unique. Many new home builders draw inspiration from these popular Southwest styles, drawing on the best of history while utilizing updated appliances and other amenities. Here are a few examples of popular Southwest home types and the newly built homes that REA Scoop features on our platform that reflect their inspiration.


Pueblo Revival Style Homes 


Pueblo revival style homes are prominent in Arizona and beyond due to their architectural influences being right at home in the Southwest. These style of homes take after the dwellings the Pueblo Indians created, often from natural elements. Pueblo revival features a nod to those elements with natural wall coloring and terra cotta or stucco, flat roofs, and wooden features. These buildings blend into the desert landscape while their thick walls insulate against the worst of Arizona's heat. Many new build style homes put a modern spin on pueblo revival style homes. This can be seen in the new build homes at Adero Villas by builder Camelot Holmes, which feature flat rooftops with parapets and neutral exterior paint colors. The architecture of these homes also feature many separate building sections, giving the home architectural depth, which is also seen in traditional pueblo style homes. The new build homes at Prelude at Storyrock by builder Shea Homes also feature similar pueblo reminiscent architecture with a modern spin. 


Mission Revival Style Homes


Mission revival style homes hold influence from the Spanish colonial missions that were prominent in California and the Southwest. These buildings have a few defining characteristics, particularly their prominent arches, scalloping architectural features, asymmetrical exteriors, and more. This type of architecture made its way into home building aesthetics with the prominence of mission revival style homes, which are popular across the Southwest. In new build style homes, they are featured at The Villas at Baker Park by builder Zacher Homes. Their Elevation B: Classic Santa Barbara exterior option features white walls, scalloped trim details, and doorway arches, as seen in that option of their Arizona Oak floorplan. In their Phoenix Pecan floorplan of the same Classic Santa Barbara exterior style, the repetition in the archway architecture creates an arcade reminiscent feature that both provides structure to the entire building and walkway space underneath. White walls and red roof tiles complete the nod to mission revival architecture. 


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