May 21, 2021

New Build Homes: More Than Just A Home

As a realtor, selling a home is what you do. But you know full well that selling a home is not just about the house itself: you’re also selling the community around it. People buy homes because they can imagine their lives within the new area: not only sitting down in a breakfast nook with the family, but also walking down to the corner to visit friends.


Many people initially assume that a new build home contradicts this mentality. It can be harder to envision a life amidst the smell of sawdust and empty garden beds. However, new build homes are actually created with exactly the community and location in mind. Looking to match more clients with homes that give them a strong sense of place? Here are some aspects of new built homes to consider: 


Built as a Total Community


Most new build homes are part of a specific community. The community serves the purpose of elevating and supporting the lifestyle of the residents. This differs from traditional neighborhoods in that the built in support of the neighborhood and its amenities is traditionally not present. It may be formed organically by neighbors, but is traditionally not a consideration from the start on behalf of the builders about what community of people will be living there. From gated community features to resort style living amenities, new build home communities provide the internal support, neighborhood atmosphere, and communal lifestyle that your clients are looking for.  


Close to Amenities and Entertainment


Many new build home communities are built in hotspots that attract potential new residents, like Phoenix, Scottsdale, and more. This provides your clients with an enticing reason to live in neighborhoods with new build homes that are close to amenities. When you purchase a traditional home, it many not always be close to amenities or entertainment locales. With new build homes, you can recieve both centrality and a slowed-down neighborhood feel. This makes it easier on your clients to integrate their existing lifestyles into their new build home location.


Landscaping and Harmonious Design


There are things that a new build home may come with that your client might not expect, such as the landscaping for the lot the home was built on. This is an important designation for them to know, as their landscaping may or may not be subject to HOA regulations. The landscaping may be included in the price of your new build home, which likely will fit the theme of the community’s landscaping, but it may not be. In that case, your clients will have the freedom to complete their own landscaping, within the time frame required by the builder. This allows your clients to not have to worry about specifics for their landscaping or gives them the freedom to design their own landscaping for their new build home. 


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