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How REA Scoop Can Help Realtors


How Are You Adapting to the New Normal? 


Here are three major factors that every Arizona real estate agent should consider: 


Firstly, Americans are re-examining their homes. Spending days, weeks, and even months quarantined at home is going to make little luxuries (such as a home office or a playroom) feel absolutely essential. More people than ever are thinking about extra yard space, better neighborhoods, and bigger floorplans. 


Secondly, it’s important to remember that this period will pass, and when it does, people will still want to move to new homes. In fact, we could see a surge of accelerated home-buying as soon as restrictions lift. Forward-thinking realtors need to lay the groundwork now in order to adapt to and take advantage of this unseasonable surge. 


In the meantime, realtors and real estate agents have to figure out how to conduct business from home. The preliminary and ancillary work that goes into buying a home can often be done online. Financial institutions are still open, virtual tours are possible, and remote client meetings can happen with technology. 


REA Scoop Can Help You Grow Your Business


REA Scoop could soon become one of the most important technological tools in your arsenal. Even if you don’t feel like hearing a sales pitch right now, hear us out. These tips could make or break your business in the coming months. 


1: Fully Take Advantage of the Spec Home Market


REA Scoop gives realtors a unique advantage in the spec home market by allowing them to virtually search for up-to-date listings of new build homes in Arizona. New builds are uniquely useful during these turbulent times for a few reasons: 


  • They offer reliable inventory throughout the year. With uncertainty around house-shopping, resale inventory has shifted, whereas spec homes and new builds are proceeding according to normal schedules. Even in an average year, spec homes are less subject to the fluctuations of the busy season, offering regular move-in dates throughout the year. That means that you will have a reliable inventory to offer your clients, even with the upheaval happening right now. 


  • They give shoppers a cleaner shopping and move-in experience. Concerns about social distancing, sanitation, and limited crowds make it impossible to conduct open houses. In fact, it’s extremely difficult even to give private tours of resale homes. On the other hand, most new builds are move-in ready and unoccupied, which removes many concerns about contamination during touring. It also enables a cleaner, safer move-in process that will put your clients’ minds at ease. 


  • They have better virtual tour services. Most spec homes and new builds have excellent online services in place, including virtual tours, printable floor plans, video walk-throughs, and stunning professional photos. This allows your clients to get a good look at the property even while they’re stuck at home. 


2: Help Clients Enjoy House-Shopping From Home


It’s no secret that people are bored at home right now. Why not fill the time looking for a new residence? House-shopping is fun and easy on the REA Scoop app, and shoppers can easily look at options that fit their preferred location and budget using our convenient filters. Shoppers can even download floor plans so that they can better plot out their space before they pull the trigger. As mentioned above, many spec homes and new builds have fantastic virtual tours available. Families can even drive to the neighborhood to get a good feel for the area without violating social distancing advice. As soon as stay-at-home restrictions lift, your clients will be primed and ready to make their decision. 


3: Stay Better Connected to Your Clients


REA Scoop has amazing new features that make it easy for realtors and clients to stay connected remotely. First of all, realtors who sign up for REA Scoop’s monthly subscription can share access with clients, so clients can use this amazing tool at no personal cost. Additionally, our “favorites” feature enables your clients to share listings that they like with you. You can also save and share your recommendations so your clients can look at them more closely in their own time. Remote sharing helps you keep in touch and stay on the same page, even when you’re not regularly meeting in person. 


Invest in the Tools You Need to Thrive 

Now, more than ever, investing in key technological tools is vital for your real estate business to thrive. REA Scoop and all of its advantages are available for the mere cost of a lunch date. Make the right choice for your real estate business and be ready to maneuver in this rapidly-shifting landscape. Learn more about REA Scoop and register today to get started.


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