Jun 4, 2021

A Guide To the Features of REA Scoop

Shopping for a new home can be overwhelming. If you’re in the market for a new build home, it may be difficult to search all builders within an area at once. But with REA Scoop, we collect all spec home data and put it in one easily searchable database. Here’s a guide to our app and the features that make choosing a new home, whether it’s your first or your tenth, a smooth process.



What Type of Homes Does REA Scoop Help Me Find or Sell?


REA Scoop is an desktop site and mobile app that features spec and new build homes and communities, which are move-in ready. The benefits of a spec home include new high-quality appliances and modern features, making it a great selling point for those who are looking for a home without the hassle. Spec homes are often also beneficial for those who are looking to move in quickly without waiting for a house to be custom built. The app not only caters to homeowners, but realtors as well who are looking to make their next career move or expand into the spec home market. 


Here are the different aspects of our platform that make buying the spec home of your dreams easy and fun. 


Location, Location, Location


When it comes to the real estate market, location is everything, and that can be one of the hardest parts about the whole process. When buying or selling a home, location is what the ultimate purchase likely hinges upon. Not only does the home have to be in a good neighborhood, many people like it relatively close to their work, family, or other lifestyle features. This step is often the first thing that people consider when looking for a home, so we made sure it would be an easy search parameter.


With REA Scoop, our platform has an integrated map feature that shows you where spec homes and new build communities are available for sale in Maricopa and Pinal Counties. No matter where you’re looking to live or sell in many of Arizona’s popular metropolitan areas, there will be the perfect housing option available to suit you, or if you’re a realtor, your clients. If you’re looking for a particular community, there are also many subdivision communities that these spec and new build homes are a part of. 



Spec Homes Exclusive To Arizona 


The big box online real estate businesses may have the listings of homes of many different types all over the States, from foreclosures to rentals, but the one thing they don’t have is specialty and exclusivity. With REA Scoop, this comes in the form of new build homes exclusively in large cities in Arizona. These unique features are important, as some future homeowners already know what they want and they need it fairly quickly. They also may not know where they’re moving to, especially if they are from out-of-state or don’t have knowledge of the area. Our platform builds trust with both locals and out-of-staters. We excel at this, because our product caters to only one state and one type of home, making it easier to block out the non-essentials and provide only reliable, verified, and regularly-updated listings. 



Digital Communication Is Easy


Communication is important to both realtor and potential homeowner in order to ensure that the search process happens smoothly. Typically, when a realtor or homeowner is looking for a home, communication can be limited to emails and phone calls, and can get lost in translation across parties or even across different mediums. With REA Scoop, communication happens all in one place. If a client finds a home that they like, they can message their realtor the details on the platform and they have all the information right there to see. It also works in reverse, as realtors can bookmark a spec home their client might like. This makes communication efficient and organized, enabling you to act fast on great opportunities. 


The real estate market is also rapidly changing with going mobile, making digital communication ever essential. Gone are the days of hard copy directories and mailers. Those methods extended the home search by days or weeks, while the future is digital and much more rapid. As both homebuyers and realtors increasingly move to digital solutions for more extensive search capabilities, smart sellers and buyers know how to use the right online tools for their needs.




Exclusive Access


With REA Scoop, the platform is open to the general public, but only paying members get access to exclusive listings. Often in the resale real estate market you’re competing with everyone without any barriers to entry. While this is great, it also means that competition is tough. Our membership model enables realtors and their clients to reap the benefits of this VIP access. With REA Scoop, members know that they’re searching or selling with other serious candidates, since they are electing to pay for the service. This exclusivity allows the process to be as smooth as possible in an already competitive market. 



With REA Scoop, whether you’re a homeowner or a realtor, spec and new build homes can provide you with a variety of benefits in one easy-to-use platform. For more information, visit our website to contact us today or download the app today on Google Play or the App Store. 


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