Dec 15, 2021

5 Reasons To Convince Your Clients To Move To Arizona

As a realtor, attracting new clients is an important part of the job. With many people moving these past two years for reasons due to the coronavirus pandemic and its unexpected repercussions, it’s more feasible than ever to convince your clients that Arizona is a great state to reside in. After all, of the states where people are moving to, Arizona ranks among the top


Here are reasons why you can convince your new clients they should make Arizona their home in 2022:

  1. Keep more of their money by paying less in taxes. There are several big tax related reasons for your clients to move to Arizona. First off, Social Security retirement benefits are not taxed at all while other retirement benefits enjoy much lower tax rates. Plus, seniors enjoy no inheritance tax combined with property tax exemptions and freezes for those who are widows, widowers, or disabled. Meanwhile, all homeowners will enjoy low property tax rates as well as a total tax cap on all owner-occupied properties. 

  2. Overall low cost of living. Taxes are just one part of what goes into an area's cost of living, albeit an important part. Arizona enjoys an overall low cost of living with its big cities having lower rent averages than comparative cities. Healthcare costs, individual food costs, transportation costs, and entertainment costs in Arizona are also lower than those in other states with large cities. This is a serious benefit to your potential clients, as many people are migrating from higher cost of living states during the pandemic.

  3. Arizona is enjoying a 21st-century economic boom. Arizona is a very business-friendly state that has embraced innovation and tech startups. Well-known tech companies have implemented big programs here, like Google’s self-driving vehicle program. If your client works in the tech industry or has a start-up, then they will love the opportunities and networking available in Arizona.

  4. Gorgeous climate. Forget long winter months of shivering weather or weeks of unending rain and overcast. For most of the year in Arizona, residents enjoy temperate, sunny, and dry weather. Things can get pretty toasty during the peak summer months of June through August, but most residents here find the other months more than make up for that summer of dry heat. 

  5. Proximity to some of the nation's best vacation spots. First things first, the gorgeous and much beloved Grand Canyon National Park is located in the northeast part of the state. But that's just the start of things. If your client loves to travel, but is looking to put down roots somewhere, Arizona is perfect for that. Many top destinations are within a short drive from here. Las Vegas, San Diego, Tijuana, and Los Angeles are all within a six hour drive from the central Arizona city of Phoenix. 

Help Your Clients Find Their New Dream Home in Arizona


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